Continental Binder and Specialty has worked hard to be an environmentally friendly company. This is not a new policy for Continental. We have worked for over a 30-year history to be an earth, employee and customer friendly company. We have lowered our waste stream by 80%. We now recycle our vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene, metal, paper, corrugated board and other materials. Our tooling metals, printing plates, films and other processing products are recycled. We were one of the first to change all of our silk screening to UV inks eliminating the VOC given off by conventional inks. All chemicals not able to be recycled are accumulated and sent to a state regulated waste disposal company.

We pledge to:

Continually search for ways to lower our waste stream.
Improve work processes to have a minimum impact on our environment.
Provide our employees a safe and healthy environment.
Provide environmentally safe products for our customers.

We will remain steadfast in our direction to improve our position as one of the most environmentally friendly companies.



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