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High density linear polyethylene and polypropylene are almost indestructible materials which are unaffected by water and most chemicals and acids. This combination of durability and liquid resistance makes poly an exceptional material for looseleaf products. Our poly is specially treated so that it can be silk screened or foil stamped. Poly can also be debossed. With the proper combinations of processes and inks, the imprint on poly will take a lot of abuse.


BINDERS          &

Continental combines the durability of poly with our high quality imprint and custom manufacturing capabilities to create an impressive yet inexpensive way for you to present your literature. When you consider that in most cases, the hinges on a poly binder will withstand over 100,000 flexes before beginning to crack, you can see how this type of binder will really help make the most of your advertising budget



If you are looking for a great way to store a larger amount of information, then a post binder is what you need. We can custom manufacture a post binder to fit your sheets. With features like transfer bars (to assist with inserting and removing sheets), scored or piano hinges, and fixed or variable capacities (up to 6 inches) we are sure to find a way to suit your needs



A custom poly box is a great and unique way to house a presentation. Continental can work with you to custom manufacture a box that will allow you to put all your information in one place. Add a closing flap, handle or matching binder to make just the right product.


  • A. Metal Hinge Binders
  • B. Sheet Lifters
  • C. Clipboards
  • D. Out Cards
  • E. Door Hangers
  • F. Rolodex Cards
  • G. Business Cards
  • H. Rulers
  • I. Magazine Holders
  • J. Templates
  • K. Bookmarks


Durable and professional looking, our covers and folders are perfect for that important meeting, proposal, report or convention. You can choose from among the following styles: 
  • A. Prong Covers (1 or 2 piece) 
  • B. Pocket Portfolios 
  • C. File Holders
  • D. Press Grip Folders
  • E. 1 or 2 piece covers


The high durability of poly makes it an ideal material for index tabs. With the wide range of colors and textures that Continental has to offer, it is easy to find the right combination for your job. We will be able to manufacture in any size you are looking for. Many tab lengths can be made with various tab heights. Make sure you consult us for your indexing needs.





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